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U8 Rules and Referee Instructions

1. It is 4v4 unless the coaches agree before the game to play with fewer.
2. There are no goalies at this division.  Encourage players to "push" up out of the goal.
3. Kids tend to fall sometimes in U8, if it didn't look like a complete out of control play "yell play on" but be sure to help the kid up. If a kid falls in a group and the ball is present stop the play ASAP so no one gets hurt. It will be a free kick for the team that didn't commit the foul or for the team that had possession if it wasn't a foul.
4. After each goal it will be a restart of the game with a kick off. The ball must move before another person from their team touches it.
5. On a kick off the opposing team is not allowed into their arc until the ball is played.
6. Throw‐ins - They must have both feet down and go all the way behind their head. If they don't do one of the following stop the play explain to them how to properly do it and allow them to re‐do the throw in.
7. They will do goal kicks - The opposing team should retreat back to the midfield line for goal kicks.
8. They will do corner kicks. Have the opposing team stand back at least 10‐15 feet before the team kicks.
9. Kids are not allowed to use their arms if you see someone extending their arms warn them once out loud so everyone can hear you . The second time call a foul. If they continue to do it request to the coach to sub them out ASAP and talk with them.
10. If kids touch the ball with their hand mention to them to keep their hands down. If it is obvious they did it stop the play and award a free kick to the opposing team.
11. No heading. Heading will be award an indirect kick to the opposing team
12. Last but not least be close to the action because even though you will blow your whistle they may not stop. So BLOW your whistle LOUDLY and go retrieve the ball and help set things up.

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